It’s time for Anacostia Park to become Washington’s 21st Century Waterfront—the model for other urban parks across the nation.
— Anthony A. Williams / Former DC Mayor, and Chairman, Anacostia Waterfront Trust


Our mission is to help to create a vibrant and inclusive public waterfront and adjacent communities, on a healthy Anacostia River, for all citizens to enjoy.


The destiny of Washington, DC, as an exceptional global city is inextricably linked to the Anacostia River corridor. Once a long-neglected rift between communities, the forgotten river and the parks along its banks will be restored and become a vibrant network of places where the District comes together. The ambitious project of improving the water and parks will forge new opportunities for nearby residents and provide benefits to all District neighborhoods. Celebrated by residents and visitors alike, the new world-class waterfront along a beautiful and healthy Anacostia River will become a hallmark of the District’s identity as a diverse, unified and thriving city.


The Anacostia Waterfront Trust has focused its operations in 2019 on maintaining green infrastructure installations that improve water quality in Ward 7 and Ward 8 of Washington, DC.