Over 80 people gathered in the basement of Thurgood Marshall Academy in Anacostia last month for an event titled “Connecting for a Cleaner Anacostia River.”

The first of several planned public events, this meeting on June 21 featured presentations by Tommy Wells of the Department of Energy & Environment, Tara Morrison of the National Park Service and consultants working on behalf of both agencies.

The presentations updated the audience about the latest progress on the “Anacostia River Sediment Project” (ARSP) - the plan to clean up contamination at the bottom of the Anacostia River.

Below is a brief summary of what the Anacostia Waterfront Trust and our friends with the Anacostia Park and Community Collaborative took away from the meeting. You can also download our 4-page PDF summary here.

The next public meeting for the ARSP is scheduled to take place on October 4 - stay tuned here (subscribe via email or find us on Twitter!), and check out DOEE's project page for more information.