By Merrit Drucker

Kingman Island saw a weekend of significant progress on September 16 and 17. On Saturday, over 400 volunteers attended an event sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy to remove trash and litter from the shoreline of the Island.

The trash collected (including plastic and glass bottles, some Styrofoam, food packaging and wrappers, several tires, and a variety of other small and not so small items) filled a 40 cubic yard dumpster. The Ocean Conservancy will be posting the results of the clean up their web site, to include a by-item count and the total weight of the debris removed.

The Anacostia Waterfront Trust was happy to work alongside the Ocean Conservancy, Living Classrooms DC and the many dedicated volunteers for an effective and thorough clean-up of the Kingman Island shoreline.

Then, on Sunday, over 50 volunteers from Catholic University removed an invasive species from a large and heavily overgrown area. The volunteers were participating in Catholic University’s Annual Day of Service, and Kingman Island was one of many sites throughout the District where Catholic University students supported the community. The area on Kingman Island that was cleared by the Catholic University students will now become a picnic area, with benches due to be installed today. Soon, students attending environmental awareness classes on Kingman Island will have a picnic area with a River view.


The combined efforts of all of these volunteers have help improve conditions on Kingman Island, but the park still has a ways to go before achieving the vision of a fully restored area with an education center providing first class environmental education for the District’s children. Ultimately, the Anacostia Waterfront Trust hopes to see full funding for and implementation of the recently released draft plan for Kingman Island ,which is available on the DOEE website.