River of Resilience: an Anacostia Watershed Story Map

Krista Schlyer, a multimedia journalist and artist who has been working on the Anacostia River for a long time, has launched a new online interactive exhibit about the Anacostia Watershed. A total of 8 episodes will be released, once each week starting April 3, 2018. 

River of Resilience is an adaptation of Krista Schlyer's forthcoming book, River of Redemption: Almanac of Life on the Anacostia, due out in Fall 2018 from Texas A&M University Press. The story map is a collaboration between Schlyer, the International League of Conservation Photographers, and the Esri Story Maps team, with generous support from the District Department of Energy and Environment, and in partnership with the Anacostia Waterfront Trust.

Click the image below to enter the StoryMap, and check our website for updates!