Boating on the Anacostia

You can launch a canoe, kayak or other boat and explore the Anacostia River! The gentle flow of the Anacostia and forested shoreline of the river’s northern reaches make it a fantastic place for canoe and kayak adventures.  

There are several ways to rent a boat or join a boat tour (for free!), or you can bring your own boat to the river and launch from the locations listed below.

Boating Tours

  • The Anacostia River Explorers program provides free boating tours of the river throughout the summer. Through this program, funded by the Department of Energy and Environment, you can join:
  • Ballpark Boathouse offers 1.5 hour sunset tours around sites like the Capitol and Fort McNair. ($45)

Boat Rentals

Canoe and Kayak Launches

If you are looking for a place to launch your boat, you can find canoe and kayak launches at the following locations:

The quietest area to kayak is between Bladensburg Waterfront Park and the CSX Railroad Bridge.  Parts of the tidal river are marshy and can be too shallow to navigate at low tide, like the area between the RFK Stadium campus and Kingman Island. You can check the tides at this website (choose Kingman Lake.)


For larger boats, there are several public marinas on or near the Anacostia River.