Visit the Anacostia Waterfront!

Learn more about the amazing network of parks, trails and amenities along the Anacostia River in the heart of Washington, DC. Follow the links below to discover what opportunities and adventures await you. 

It's the Year of the Anacostia!

2018 is the Year of the Anacostia - learn more about why this is a major time in history for the Anacostia River, and check out the hundreds of events available all year long!

Boating on the Anacostia

You can launch a canoe, kayak or other boat and explore the Anacostia River!

Fishing on the Anacostia

Fishing is a popular sport on the Anacostia River – just be sure to get a license and practice catch and release.

Youth Programs

Learn more about ways for kids and young adults to get involved in the Anacostia River. 

Anacostia RiverWalk Trail

The Anacostia RiverWalk Trail offers over 15 miles of separated, multiuse trails along or connecting to the Anacostia River in DC and Maryland.

The Capitol Riverfront

The Capitol Riverfront neighborhood is a waterfront destination, providing waterfront parks, large events, shopping and more. 

Anacostia Pool and Recreation Center

The Anacostia Pool and Recreation Center provides an outdoor swimming pool along the banks of the Anacostia River and offers swimming lessons, water aerobics and other activities for residents during the summer.

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens provide a beautiful natural setting and an opportunity to see birds, wildlife and rare plant species.

Kingman and Heritage Islands

Kingman and Heritage Islands offer a natural refuge from the busy city – in the middle of the Anacostia River.

Aquatic Resources Education Center

The Aquatic Resources Education Center (AREC) is a multi-use education and aquaculture center located in Anacostia Park in southeast Washington, DC.

Anacostia Park Skating Pavilion

Anacostia Park is home to the only skating pavilion in the entire National Park system! The skating pavilion is open for public use during the summer and provides free skate rentals during certain hours.

Anacostia Park Pirate Ship Playground, Fitness and Picnic Area

At the Nicholson Street SE entrance to Anacostia Park, a pirate-ship themed playground offers opportunities for both kids and adults. 

US National Arboretum

The US National Arboretum is a federal research facility that features public gardens, leisure areas and educational programming for visitors free of charge. 

11th Street Bridge Park

The proposed 11th Street Bridge Park will be constructed on the  piers of the old 11th Street Bridge connecting both sides of the Anacostia River. 

Boathouse Row

The strip of waterfront from the 11th Street Bridge to the CSX Railroad Bridge is known informally as Boathouse Row, home to four historic private yacht clubs.

Langston Golf Course

Langston Golf Course is an historic public 18-hole golf course named after John Mercer Langston, the first African American elected into public office.

Kenilworth Park

Kenilworth Park features recreational fields, tennis courts and access to the Anacostia RiverWalk Trail all within walking distance of several neighborhoods. 

River Terrace

This section of Anacostia Park features recreational courts and views of tidal marshes and Kingman Island. 

Buzzard Point Park

Buzzard Point Park is currently being redesigned by the National Park Service to become a unique urban park with a mix of active and passive recreational opportunities.

RFK Stadium

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium is the former home of the Washington Redskins, the Washington Senators and the Washington Nationals. 

Poplar Point

Poplar Point is the current  headquarters of the National Park Service National Capital Parks-East division and the United States Park Police. 

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