We work toward the following:



More than 1000 acres of public parkland lie along the Anacostia River, shared by the federal government and the District. This extraordinary system of riverside open space in the heart of the nation’s capital will set the global gold standard for 21st Century urban parkland. The Anacostia waterfront should be an active place, all day, every day, all year round, in and out of the water.


After decades of citizen advocacy and public and private efforts, much has been done to limit pollution and erosion in the Anacostia River. For the first time in generations, we can envision a clean, healthy, swimmable and fishable river safe for everyone – a world-class river for a world-class waterfront.


The Anacostia Waterfront Trust is dedicated to finding ways to improve the river, land and communities in the Anacostia River Corridor in a way that will generate jobs and income for DC residents, especially those in Wards 7 and 8.


Outstanding parks are a prescription for better health for children and adults.  Walking, running, biking, canoeing, kayaking, exercising, and just enjoying nature all equal mental, physical, community health..


Children who have access to outdoor learning environments learn more about their world and score higher on exams. The river and the waterfront parks provide an incredible opportunity for educational enhancement in science and many other subject areas.  And outdoor education is fun!


People living near the Anacostia River should be able to safely walk or bike to the water's edge. Much of the Anacostia River park system is cut off from nearby neighborhoods by road infrastructure, but ways for people to walk, bike or drive under or over the highways can be enhanced. 


More frequent and intense storms and sea level rise are predicted in the decades to come; natural areas can help to address these threats while making the river ecologically healthier. Habitat restoration and resilient design strategies can help the District prepare for the effects of a changing climate.


The Anacostia River and the parkland around it have been a dividing line for generations; it must become a place that brings us together and celebrates our unity in our diversity. We are committed to making the waterfront a place for all residents and visitors.