What's your question about the #anacostiawaterfront? 


Great ideas often start with a question.  

Have questions about the future of the Anacostia River and waterfront? Have big "what if" ideas for the waterfront?

Pose your question online with the hashtag #anacostiawaterfront:

We will try to answer your question if we can, but the future of the Anacostia waterfront is still undetermined. Your questions will help make sure that efforts to create a world-class #anacostiawaterfront reflect the values, concerns and big ideas of DC residents.


Some of the questions shared so far:

When will the #anacostiawaterfront be safe for swimming?

What if there was a festival on the #anacostiawaterfront every summer weekend? 

What if there were jobs for youth on the#anacostiawaterfront?

What effect will climate change have on the #anacostiawaterfront?